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Sindie ® On-Line

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Sindie ® On-Line

Sindie Online Sulfur Testing

The Sindie®  On-Line model is an industrial-grade process sulfur analyzer designed for continuous sulfur monitoring and sulfur testing at, e.g. pipeline terminals, to monitor fuel interface cuts and tank contamination prevention where measurement speed and reliability are essential with minimal maintenance requirements. It can also be used at refineries for monitoring hydrotreating, hydrofiner, and blending processes. The Sindie®  analyzer has many advantages over competing technologies. The analyzer has exceptional signal-to-noise using monochromatic excitation of the X-ray source characteristic line. It does not require consumable gases or high-temperature operations, improving the analyzer’s robustness and reliability.
The main features of the Sindie-6000 on-line analyzer include:

  • Direct measurement without sample conversion; Analysis in ppm (wt)
  • LOD: 0.6 ppm
  • Dynamic Range: 0.6 to 3000 ppm
  • Outstanding linearity: One calibration for diesel and gasoline matrixes over full dynamic range
  • Fast measurement time: 30 seconds to 5 minutes, user-programmable
  • No consumables, gases or high-temperature processes
  • Extremely low maintenance
LOD  0.6 ppm
Dynamic Range  0.6 ppm – 3000 ppm
Dimensions 38 in (w) x 18 in (d) x 60 in (h)

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