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Clora ® Benchtop

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Clora ® analyzers provide breakthrough analysis of chlorine concentration in petroleum at levels below 0.5 ppm without consumable gasses and without elevated temperature processes.

Precise determination of chlorine in petroleum is critical during refining processes. Chlorine may poison expensive catalysts and may lead to corrosion in overhead or reactor effluent systems. XOS Clora ® analyzers offer breakthrough analytical solutions for the determination of chlorine in liquid hydrocarbon samples such as aromatics,distillates and heavy fuels, and aqueous solutions.

Clora ® Benchtop

chlorine petroleum

Compliant with ASTM D 7536 Standard Test Method for chlorine in aromatics, the Clora ® analyzer uses the same Monochromatic WD XRF analytical technique as the widely accepted line of SINDIE analyzers. Clora ® provides a limit of detection of 0.15 ppm and a dynamic range up to 3000 ppm. This direct measurement technique does not require gasses or involve high temperature processes which results in unprecedented ease-of-use and minimum maintenance requirements.

The Clora ® Benchtop is now available with Accu-Flow:

LOD 0.13 ppm wt. for hydrocarbons.
Dynamic Range, Standard 0.13 ppm wt. up to 3000 ppm wt
Dynamic Range, XR Package 0.13 ppm wt. up to 4% wt.
Test Methods ASTM D7536
Dimensions 37 cm (w) x 50 cm (d) x 34 cm (h)