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Sindie 2622 M-Series

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Bench Top Analyzer



The Sindie 2622 bench-top analyzer complies with ASTM D2622, D7039 and ISO 20884 methods, enabling complete flexibility in sulfur analysis. No compromises in detection, performance and reliability – the SINDIE 2622 analyzer is the ideal sulfur analytical solution from ultra low sulfur diesel and gasoline to heavy fuel oil and crudes. One analyzer – three compliance solutions.    

Features and Benefits:                                    

LOD: 0.4 ppm at 300 s

Dynamic Range: 0.4 ppm to 10%

Plug-it-in and measure: power is only utility

Touch Screen user interface

User programmable measurement time: 30-900 s

Two calibrations covers both gasoline and diesel matrices over full dynamic range:
- 0.4 – 3000 ppm wt
- 0.3 – 10% wt

No conversion gasses, heating elements, quartz tubes or columns

75 W air-cooled excitation tube

Robust polyimide window for easy cleaning

Product Literature
Sindie 2622 M-Series Analyzer Brochure