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TS 6000 Total Sulfur Analyzer

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TSHR TS 6000 Total Sulfur Analyzer

TSHR international introduces the Total Sulfur Analyzer, model TS 6000, as a trace level analyzer that gets you the necessary data quickly, reliable and accurately. The TS 3000 is matrix independent and complies fully with the international industrial and environmental standards.

The TSHR TS 6000 provides the following benefits:


The TSHR Ts 6000 ensures complete combustion with minimum maintenance

The TSHR TS 6000 works around the clock, equipped with a ESA 2000 solids auto sampler or HR7000 liquid auto sampler directly into the boat module

The TS 6000 analyses solid samples from very low levels (30 ppb) to very high concentrations (5.000 – solids, 10.000 liquids ppm)

The TS 6000 is easily adaptable to new types of analyses (from sulfur to chlorine)

TSHR TS 6000 Total Sulfur Analyzer

The TSHR TS 6000 analyzer incorporates a high-end pulsed UV fluorescence detector which provides superior stability and detection limits. Combined with excellent uptime, matrix independence, exceptional linearity and enhanced performance, the TS 3000 is the ideal solution for both demanding and routine applications.

Key advantages of the TS 6000 with TS UV module are:

  • Increases quality control performance and reduction of operational costs
  • Fully meets ASTM D5453, D 6667 and D7183 approved sulfur methodology
  • Performance down to 30 ppb for typical applications
  • Extended life-time of UV-lamp due to auto gain control technology (AGC)
  • No loss of sensitivity because of serial measurement (TS-UV + TN)

Solids module

For analysis of heavy hydrocarbons and solid samples, the TSHR boat introduction module is the key. The automatic boat driven concept controlled by Athena software, provides the optimum solution for many applications. The high sample load capacity and integrated septum stopper minimizes weighing errors and eliminates problems caused by non-homogeneous samples. The module is supported with quick gas connectors for oxygen and cariergas (As/He) as well.

Extra options:
The TS 6000 Total Sulfur Analyzer can be expand with a chlorine TX module.


Parameter TN LIQUIDS TN Solids
Working ranges 0,03 – 10.000 ppm 0,5 – 10.000 ppm
Detection Limit 30 ppb 30 ppb
Sample Matrix Heavy hydrocarbons, plastics, Solids
Quantity of sample 0,1 – 100 mg
Analysis time 4-10 minutes
Relative standard deviation < 5%
Parameter 6000 series
Dimensions 960 (W) x 390 (H) x 590 (D) mm
37,7 (W) x 15,4 (H) x 23,2 (D) inches
Furnace Voltage 2 x 24 V, 50/60 Hz
Furnace Power 2 x 300 W
Furnace Temperature Sensor 2 x Ni-Cr/Ni
Furnace configuration Dual temperature controlled
Furnace Temperature 1250 °C Max
Type of Analyses Total Nitrogen (extra options: Total Halogens)
Detection Principle Pulsed UV-Fluorescence (extra options: Coulometrics)
PC operating system Windows 7 or higher
Computer Intel Core i3 / AMD Phenom or better
Software Athena
Regulatory compliance ASTM, IP, UOP, ISO
Facility Requirments
Voltage 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power 1200W
Gas connector 1/8” swagelok
Gasses O2(99,6%) medical grade 2.6
Ar or He (99,998%) technial grade 4.8
Gas pressure 2 – 3 Bar (30-45 psi)
Ambient temperature 5 – 35 °C (41 – 95 °F)