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- Kim tiêm tay cho sắc ký khí, sắc ký lỏng.
- Kim tiêm GC autosampler cho các hãng.
- Kim tiêm LC autosampler cho các hãng:
- Kim tiêm cho các mục đích đặc biệt:
- Syringe Valves 
Kim tiêm tay cho sắc ký khí, sắc ký lỏng:
+ 0.5-5ul nanovolume
+ 5-10ul metal pluger
+ 25-500ul metal plunger
+ 10-500ul PTFE tipped plunger
+ 1-100ml PTFE tipped pluger
Kim tiêm GC autosampler cho các hãng:
+ Agilent Instruments
+ CTC Analytics
CTC Fixed Needle: 5µL , 10µL , 25 µL,IM-002898-S.jpg 100 µL , 250 µL , 500 µL.
CTC Removable Needle: 0,5µL , 10µL , 25 µL, 100 µL.
CTC Headspace Fixed Needle: 1µL , 2,5µL.
+ PerkinElmer Instruments 001982-SYRINGE-copy.JPGIM-002924-S_path.JPG
+ Shimadzu Instruments
+ Thermo Scientific Instruments
+ Unicam Instruments
+ Varian Instruments
Kim tiêm LC autosampler cho các hãng:
thumbnail_50_autosampler_agilent_2.gif thumbnail_50_autosampler_ctc_2.gifthumbnail_50_autosampler_hitachi_2.gifthumbnail_50_autosampler_perkinelmer_2.gthumbnail_50_autosampler_spark_2.gif
+ Agilent Instruments
+ CTC Analytics/Leap
+ PerkinElmer Instruments
+ Spark Holland Instrument
+ Thermo Scientific Instruments
+ Hitachi Instrument
+ Waters instruments
Kim tiêm cho các mục đích đặc biệt:

Gas Sealing Gland Syringes
High Pressure Syringe
Headspace/Soil Gas Syringes
+ Kim tiêm dùng cho chiết tách ( MEPS - Micro Extraction by)
+ Packed sorbent
+ On-Column
+ 0.5L - 2L jumbo
+ Microsyinge/pipettetJumbo Syringes
+ Gas Sealing Gland
+ Headspace/Soil gas
+ Hight pressure (dùng cho áp suất cao)
On Column Syringes
Syringe Valves
pp-valve-image.jpg septum-valve-image.jpg
+ Syringe pre-fitted with Syringe valves
+ Valve needles
+ SealTight Valves
LC Pump Hight Capacity Syringe