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Pour point

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Innovative pour point , small size stand-alone equipment acc. to ASTM D 97 - IP 15 - ISO 3016 with touch-screen interface, Ethernet, USB and serial port.
  • Enamel finished steel-aluminium case, benchtop version.
  • Insulated metal jacket conform to ASTM, IP, DIN and ISO standard methods.
  • One glass sample container conform to ASTM, IP, DIN and ISO standard methods.
  •  Two models, one for jacket temperatures till -60°C (suitable for tests at standard temperature of 48, 24, 0, -18, -33 and -51°C) and one till -80°C (suitable also for -69°C tests) with +/- 0.2°C regulation accuracy. Both units are equipped with a patent-pending integrated cooling system based on thermoelectric cooling: in this way we have reduced dimensions, weight, power consumption, noise and heat dissipation making moreover the equipment more reliable since single-stage cooling compressors require much less maintenance if compared with cascade double-stage ones.
  • Micro Thermal detection of pour point. Motorized arm that lifts and tilts the sample container out of the jacket at programmable intervals: mimic ASTM D 97.
  • Temperature sensor: Pt100 RTD. Accuracy of temperature reading: +/- 0.1°C.
  • 8.4” touch screen interface  that permits to introduce the analytical data, control the test and display the results. Tests can be run acc. to ASTM/ISO methods or to user defined methods. Software includes diagnose and calibration tools with all modern QC routines.
  • Two USB, one RS-232 and one Ethernet connector for connecting to printers and network even through wireless dongles.
  • English written user manual. CE marked.
  • For 220 V/50 Hz connections: 700 W power consumption (PP-60) and 1000 W (PP-80).
  • Dimensions and weights (l x w x h) pour point : 350x700x700 mm, 40 kg (PP-60) and 400x750x750 mm, 50 kg (PP-80).
Pour point