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ASTM, ground joint and precision thermometers for mineral oil testing

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Instruments for standardised material testing methods e.g. mineral oil testing etc. according to ASTM, IP, DIN, BS, ISO and others.

    • Stabilisation of the thermometer zero point by careful artificial ageing. (molecular constant)

    • The solid-stem types have the graduation indestructibly diffused into the glass surface and are acid and base resistant.

    • The enclosed-scale versions each have a prismatic capillary that makes for better reading. by AFNOR, ANSI, ASTM, BS, DIN, IP, ISO, PTB,

    • Measurement accuracy within tolerances specified S.T.P.T.C. or other standardisation institutes.

    • On request, also available with internationally recognised DAkkS certificate (ILAC).

  • New addition: ACCU-SAFE-filling:
    environment-friendly, precise option