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i-Fischer® DIST D-5236 CC

New product

Fully Computer Controlled Distillation System according to ASTM D5236 (Potstill)

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For our brand FISCHER® technology this product will be named FISCHER® AUTODEST® 860 AC.

The i-Fischer® DIST D-5236 CC / FISCHER® AUTODEST® 860 AC is a fully computer controlled unit of turn-key design, and ready for use after installation and commissioning. The system is fully housed and equipped with doors in the front and rear to satisfy safety requirements and to facilitate service aspects.

The automatic fraction collector with 12 receivers includes a built-in internal balance, which is used for the simultaneous determination of the fraction weight and for the direct distillation rate control.

The vacuum equipment and the control system are designed for highest accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of data.