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Gas sampling pump kit

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Gas sampling pump kit

A slim, sleek ergonomic design for a firm grip clear.gif Fully airtight inner-vacuum clear.gif Handle requires minimal effort clear.gif Quick and easy
Non-sparking pump body covered with elastomer sheath clear.gif Built-in tip breaker with diamond edge for smooth cutting of tube tips clear.gif Samples of 50 (half-stroke) or 100mL (full-stroke) can be drawn clear.gif Built-in flow finish indicator automatically shows when stroke is complete
gv110_counter.jpg   gv110.jpg
Auto-Sampling Counter
The automatic sampling counter tells you how many pump strokes you already completed even though Gastec tubes normally do not require so many pump strokes.

Handy, compact type
Gas sampling pump kit
Model [GV-100S]
Shoulder-case type
Gas sampling pump kit
Model [GV-100LS]
Handy, compact type
Gas sampling pump kit 
with pump stroke counter
Model [GV-110S]
clear.gif GV_110S.jpg

The pump accessories (3 rubber inlets and lubricant) as well as the instruction sheet are provided in a convenient shoulder bag.

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Measuring in manholes, storage tanks, etc.
Extension hose:
[No.351A-5 (5m)]
[No.351A-10 (10m)]
clear.gif   clear.gif  
Extension sampling hoses
Extension hoses can be attached to the tip of the gas sampling pump (Model GV-100) and used for remote downward measurement in confined spaces, such as manholes, tanks, etc. 
*When merely the extension hose tip needs to be replaced or for twin tube operation, simply order the Extension hose guard rubber (No.358) only.
Extension hose:
[No.351A-30 (30m)]
351A-30   Extension hoses can be attached to the tip of the gas sampling pump and used for remote downward (30m) measurement. Currently applicable tubes are limited. For the details, please contact GASTEC or Gastec representatives.
*When merely the extension hose tip needs to be replaced or for twin tube operation, simply order the Extension hose guard rubber (No.358) only.
Instruction manual(PDF) 

Horizontal and vertical measuring
Extension pole:
clear.gif   clear.gif  
Extension sampling pole
Made of lightweight fiberglass and weighing only 590g, the extension sampling pole has a compact body (62.5 cm) for easy portability and can be extended to a maximum length of 2.8m.

Accurate measuring of hot gases
Hot probe
clear.gif   clear.gif  
Example of a hot probe
The hot probe is a cooling device for measuring hot gases (60 to 600ºC / 140 to 1112 ºF) such as exhaust from vehicles and incinerators by cooling them down to normal temperatures. The stability of the device is enhanced when it is secured with the hot probe holder (No.345A)

Hot probe holder (Model 345A) can not be used with Twin-tubes and Oxygen tube No. 31B.

Safe storage of broken tips
Tube tip holder
The Tube tip holder doubles as a detector tube tip breaker and a storage receptacle for up to 260 broken tips, thereby preventing glass fragments from scattering.
Safety caps for tubes
Rubber caps
large-diameter tubes for tube nos.1HT, 1HH, 2HT, 2HH, 4HT, 31B (blue)
for all type of gas detector tubes except the above
Reusable rubber caps can be attached to the broken edges of the detector tubes as an extra precautionary safety measure. Blue caps can be used with the largest size detector tubes (outer diameter of 7mm) and pink ones with all other tubes. One (1) package contains 20 caps.
Determining gas flow direction in smoke
Smoke tester kit
Smoke tube ¡Ê6 tubes/box¡Ë [No.501]
Break off both ends of the smoke tube and attach a rubber squeeze bulb to one end of the tube. When the bulb is squeezed, a chemical reaction produces white smoke. This smoke makes the air flow (in ventilation systems/ducts, etc.) visible. A single tube can be repeatedly used for about 50 tests.

Damage protection for twin tubes
Twin Tube Holder
The twin tube holder protects twin tubes from drop and damage or prevents injury to the user during a measurement.
clear.gif clear.gif