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GSP series Air Sampling Pump

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Measuring the working environment
Air Sampling Pump
  • Flow volume of 50-250mL/min can be set for the inserted detector tube
  • The fixed flow function automatically regulates load changes
  • Real-time flow volume and integrated flow volume are automatically corrected to the values for 20ºC
  • Automatic start enables sampling to begin after a preset time
  • Automatic stop at preset time/volume, with total flow and transpired time calculations
  • Ventilation system configured for uninterrupted sampling
  • Compact and lightweight; 10 hrs. continuous operation on 2 AA batteries
  • Specially-suited detector tubes for continuous workplace sampling (10 min.)
  • Formaldehyde tubes 91P, 91PL can be used
  • Activated carbon and other solid-collecting detector tubes can be utilised