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Test Kit & Methods

 Calcium (see Hardness)
 Carbon Dioxide (dissolved)
 Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
 Chlorine Dioxide
 Chromate (hexavalent)
 Copper (soluble)
 Cyanide (free)
 Detergents (anionic surfactants, MBAS)
 Filming Amine (aliphatic amine)
 Hydrogen Peroxide
 Hypochlorite (see Chlorine)
 Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT)
 Oxygen (dissolved)
 Peracetic Acid
 Phosphate, ortho
 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)
 Sulfite (free)
 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
 Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Soil


  • V-2000 Multi-Analyte Photometer
  • SAM Single Analyte Meters
  • Dedicated Instruments

Accessories List

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Product Description
A-0013 Sample Cup Pack, 25 mL
A-0014 Sample Cup Top Pack for 25 mL Cup
A-0015 Micro Test Tube Pack
A-0018 Dilutor Snapper Cup Pack
A-0020 Sampling Tube Pack
A-0022 Mounting Clamp Pack, Adhesive
A-0023 Ampoule Blank Pack
A-0025 Test Tube Pack
A-0027 Syringe Pack, 1.0 ml
A-0034 Mounting Clamp Pack, Permanent
A-0053 Titrettor Pack
A-0058 Sample Cup & Cap Pack, 50 mL
A-0063 Syringe Pack, 3.0 ml
A-0087 Reaction Tube w/Lid, Detergents
A-0087F Reaction Tube w/Lid, Filming Amine
A-0104 Syringe Pack, 10 mL
A-0105 Sample Cup & Top Pack, 5 mL
A-0107 COD Vial Rack
A-0161 Reagent Blank Ampoule Pack (TPH)
A-0162 Sodium Sulfate
A-0168 TPH Tube Plug/Snapper
A-0170 MiniPet¨ Pack, 100 uL
A-0174 Electrode for I-1000 pH Meter
A-0175 pH "Singles" Assortment (5 ea)
A-0176 Electrode for I-1100 & I-1200 Meters
A-0178 Conductivity/TDS "Singles" (20 ea), 1413 uS
A-0179 Case: (pH I-1000, TDS I-1100, or Conductivity I-1200)
A-0181 Turbidity Cuvettes Pack for I-1300
A-0187 Nitrate Reaction Tube Pack
A-0188 Sample Dilution Kit
A-0189 Conductivity / TDS Singles (20 ea), 15,000 uS
A-0191 MiniPet¨1 25 uL
A-0193 MiniPet¨1 50 uL
A-0194 MiniPet¨1 200 uL
A-0197 Tip Breaking Tool Pack
A-0198 Turbidity Calibration Set for I-1300
A-0199 Micro Test Tube Pack, 5 mL
A-0200 Sample Prep Cup Pack
A-0201 Digestor Block US (115 Volt)
A-0202 Digestor Block EURO (230 Volt)
A-0203 Digestor Block UK (230 Volt)
A-0204 Digestor Block AUS (230 Volt)
A-0209 Sample Cell w/Lid, 24 mm for SAM
A-0211 Sample Cup & Cap Pack, MDL+
A-0601 Neutralizer Solution Pack
A-1400 Activator Solution Pack
A-1401 Catalyzer Solution Pack
A-1402 Stabilizer Solution Pack
A-1500 Stabilizer Solution Pack
A-1501 Stabilizer Solution Pack
A-1600 Activator Solution Pack
A-1800 Activator Solution Pack
A-2500 Activator Solution Pack
A-2700 Neutralizer Solution Pack
A-2800 Acidifier Solution Pack
A-3800 Neutralizer Solution Pack
A-3801 Activator Solution Pack
A-3900 Activator Solution Pack
A-4201 Activator Solution Pack
A-4202 Activator Solution Pack
A-4400 Activator Solution Pack
A-4401 Activator Solution Pack
A-4402 Activator Solution Pack
A-4404 Activator Solution Pack
A-4406 Activator Solution Pack
A-5500 Activator Solution Pack
A-5501 Activator Solution Pack
A-6000 Activator Solution Pack
A-6001 Acidifier Solution Pack
A-6002 Activator Solution Pack
A-6500 Activator Solution Pack
A-6901 Acidifier Solution Pack
A-7301 COD Calibration Standard, 1,000 ppm
A-7310 COD Calibration Standard, 10,000 ppm
A-7320 COD Photometer (low range)
A-7325 COD Photometer (high range)
A-7400 Activator Solution Pack
A-7900 Activator Solution Pack
A-8500 Activator Solution Pack
A-9000 Neutralizer Solution Pack
A-9001 Activator Solution Pack
A-9500 Activator Solution Pack
C-1001 Filming Amine Comparator
C-1402 Ammonia Comparator
C-1501 Ammonia Comparator
C-1501A Ammonia Comparator
C-1501B Ammonia Comparator
C-1501C Ammonia Comparator
C-1501D Ammonia Comparator
C-1510 Ammonia Comparator
C-1510A Ammonia Comparator
C-1510B Ammonia Comparator
C-1510C Ammonia Comparator
C-1510D Ammonia Comparator
C-1601 Bromine Comparator
C-1605 Bromine Comparator
C-1805 Carbohydrazide Comparator
C-1810 Carbohydrazide Comparator
C-2504 Chlorine Comparator
C-2504A Chlorine Comparator
C-2504B Chlorine Comparator
C-2504C Chlorine Comparator
C-2504D Chlorine Comparator
C-2506 Chlorine Comparator
C-2506A Chlorine Comparator
C-2506B Chlorine Comparator
C-2506C Chlorine Comparator
C-2506D Chlorine Comparator
C-2511 Chlorine Comparator
C-2702 Chlorine Dioxide Comparator
C-2710 Chlorine Dioxide Comparator
C-2801 Chromate Comparator
C-2801A Chromate Comparator
C-2801B Chromate Comparator
C-2801C Chromate Comparator
C-2801D Chromate Comparator
C-2810 Chromate Comparator
C-2810A Chromate Comparator
C-2810B Chromate Comparator
C-2810C Chromate Comparator
C-2810D Chromate Comparator
C-3501 Copper Comparator
C-3510 Copper Comparator
C-3801 Cyanide Comparator
C-3810 Cyanide Comparator
C-3901 DEHA Comparator
C-3902 DEHA Comparator
C-4601 Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4601A Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4601B Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4601C Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4601D Formaldehyde Comparator
C-4815 Glycol Comparator
C-4815C Glycol Comparator
C-5005 Hydrazine Comparator
C-5005A Hydrazine Comparator
C-5005B Hydrazine Comparator
C-5005C Hydrazine Comparator
C-5005D Hydrazine Comparator
C-5011 Hydrazine Comparator
C-5501 Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5501A Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5501B Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5501C Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5501D Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5502 Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510 Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510A Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510B Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510C Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5510D Hydrogen Peroxide Comparator
C-5808 Chlorine (Hypochlorite) Comparator
C-5816 Chlorine (Hypochlorite) Comparator
C-6001 Iron Comparator
C-6001A Iron Comparator
C-6001B Iron Comparator
C-6001C Iron Comparator
C-6001D Iron Comparator
C-6002 Iron in Brine Comparator
C-6010 Iron Comparator
C-6010A Iron Comparator
C-6010B Iron Comparator
C-6010C Iron Comparator
C-6010D Iron Comparator
C-6012 Iron in Brine Comparator
C-6502 Manganese Comparator
C-6502D Manganese Comparator
C-6701 Molybdate Comparator
C-6702 Molybdate Comparator
C-6720 Molybdate Comparator
C-6904 Nitrate Comparator
C-6906 Nitrate Comparator
C-6909A Nitrate Comparator
C-6909B Nitrate Comparator
C-6909C Nitrate Comparator
C-6909D Nitrate Comparator
C-7004 Nitrite Comparator
C-7004A Nitrite Comparator
C-7004B Nitrite Comparator
C-7004C Nitrite Comparator
C-7004D Nitrite Comparator
C-7404 Ozone Comparator
C-7405 Ozone Comparator
C-7501 Oxygen Comparator
C-7511 Oxygen Comparator
C-7512 Oxygen Comparator
C-7518 Oxygen Comparator
C-7540 Oxygen Comparator
C-7599 Oxygen Comparator
C-7807 Persulfate Comparator
C-7870 Persulfate Comparator
C-7902 Peracetic Acid Comparator
C-7904 Peracetic Acid Comparator
C-8001 Phenols Comparator
C-8001A Phenols Comparator
C-8001B Phenols Comparator
C-8001C Phenols Comparator
C-8001D Phenols Comparator
C-8012 Phenols Comparator
C-8012A Phenols Comparator
C-8012B Phenols Comparator
C-8012C Phenols Comparator
C-8012D Phenols Comparator
C-8501 Phosphate Comparator
C-8501A Phosphate Comparator
C-8501B Phosphate Comparator
C-8501C Phosphate Comparator
C-8501D Phosphate Comparator
C-8510 Phosphate Comparator
C-8510A Phosphate Comparator
C-8510B Phosphate Comparator
C-8510C Phosphate Comparator
C-8510D Phosphate Comparator
C-8515 Phosphate Comparator
C-8530 Phosphate Comparator
C-9001 Silica Comparator
C-9010 Silica Comparator
C-9011 Silica Comparator
C-9400 Detergents Comparator
C-9404 Detergents Comparator
C-9501 Sulfide Comparator
C-9501A Sulfide Comparator
C-9501B Sulfide Comparator
C-9501C Sulfide Comparator
C-9501D Sulfide Comparator
C-9510 Sulfide Comparator
C-9510A Sulfide Comparator
C-9510B Sulfide Comparator
C-9510C Sulfide Comparator
C-9510D Sulfide Comparator